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Traditional breakfast of Mallorca

04-05-2020 | Gastronomía

If you are more of a salty breakfast person, you will have to open your mind a lot to get to know the traditional breakfast of Mallorca, because on the island there is a great tradition linked to pastries and sweets that can be seen just by passing by a pastry shop or sitting down to have a drink on a terrace.

Reference: Bon Viveur

Because the truth is that it is now very usual to arrive at the airport and see whole families coming from Mallorca with boxes of ensaimada under their arm.  Yes, yes, you heard right. Ensaimadas. That sweet in the shape of a rounded spiral covered with icing sugar and filled with an infinite number of possibilities to suit the consumer demand. And this is the most typical pastry of the island, its identifying mark. Not to mention that it is practically considered a Mallorcan cultural heritage, as it is a sin to leave here without having tried one. Moreover, in Mallorca you can find ensaimadas all the time and eat them not only for breakfast but also for dessert or even for a snack. 

There are many different flavours of ensaimada, and not only sweets such as cream, cabello de angel or chocolate, because you can also find them filled with a typical Mallorcan sausage: sobrassada. Oh, and by the way! I forgot. Here's a curiosity: do you know where the name ensaimada comes from? I'll tell you. One of the main ingredients of this sweet is butter, in the Mallorcan dialect called saïm. That's where the name ensaimada comes from! It's something that few people know, so you'll look great if you tell it as a curiosity when you're in Mallorca taking one of these with your travel mates ;)

Another typical product of the traditional Mallorcan breakfast are the so-called Robiols. We are talking about one of the oldest and most typical sweets of the island. They are shaped like a pasty but, far from tasting like meat, they are filled with sweet. They are made with cream, cabello de ángel, jam, cottage cheese and many other fillings. These sweets are typical of Easter, when the family gets together and makes them at home. But as it is such a demanded product in the bakeries you can find it all year round on the island, so when you go there you will have the opportunity to try them.

If you still resist sweetness and want to continue with your salty breakfast habit, you can also choose a good, local product: the aforementioned sobrassada from Mallorca.  You can also find it in any cafeteria where you go to have breakfast with your family, and while they are eating their ensaimadas for breakfast, you can have your toast with sobrassada, which will also be sensational - or even if you want to mix sweet and savoury, try the ensaimada de sobrasada.

Whatever you choose, I can assure you that you will never get hungry in Mallorca. What we have mentioned is the most typical breakfast that you can find in any corner of the island. But the wide range of pastries and local products would amaze anyone, you just have to try it to make sure you are not fooled. So, what are you waiting for? Try it and tell us!