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Where do celebrities go in Mallorca?

04-05-2020 | Recomendaciones

Is not usual to be taking a walk through crowded places in Spain and find Hollywood actors walking around. However, many celebrities choose our beaches and tourist destinations to relax when the summer arrives; without denying that a few escapes during the year to our islands always come in handy. 

There are many celebrities who, year after year, repeat their destinations and claim to be in love with the island of Mallorca. Among them, artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Andrés Velencoso, Norma Duval, and Boris Becker have been seen several times in our beaches

And the question that many of us ask ourselves when we see images of them in the press is: where will the celebrities be enjoying the island? where do the celebrities go in Mallorca? Well, we have compiled some interesting places where our idols have been "hunted" and plans and activities they like to do while on holiday in Mallorca.

Yacht trips are one of the main attractions of the Balearics for celebrities. They often meet up with friends from the profession to spend a day at sea or organize parties on board while enjoying the Balearic sunshine away from crowded beaches.  This is why one of the meeting places for the rich and famous in Mallorca is Puerto Portals. It is a luxurious port in the island through which the best boats in the world pass, which we can deduce that not everyone can afford.  

Puerto Portals is also an ideal place for those famous for their variety of leisure offers within the same enclosure, such as restaurants for lunch and dinner or the possibility of buying the latest collection of exclusive firms such as Valentino, Dior or Rolex. In order to enjoy a complete experience, the port even has a bar for drinks, the Paradigm rooftop.