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Cabrera’s maritime environment

11-01-2017 | Cabrera

If one thing characterizes the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, it has to be its transparent waters, something it can proudly boast of.

Thanks to the distance between the archipelago and the main points of contamination and the area’s scarce rains, which usually attract terrestrial matter, these waters can remain as they are today.

These waters are also iconic due to the vast amount of life that inhabits them. As we’ve already mentioned in previous posts on the marine fauna of Cabrera, up to 614 species of fish have been found in the area.

Cala Santa María is one of the main preserved areas within Cabrera, and it’s because this beach of crystal-clear waters, gravel and golden sand counts with an extension of 45x12m. Furthermore, it contains one of the best preserved Neptune Grass meadows in the Balearic Islands.

Cabrera is a magical place, and its waters turn it into a true paradise. Come with Excursions to Cabrera to this magical place and see the maritime environment of Cabrera like never before.