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Cabrera Archipelago National Park

The Spanish naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente once said that the Cabrera National Park was “Ulises’ Mediterranean an hour away from Mallorca”. This statement has never been as accurate as now, since last February 1st 2019 it became the largest National Park reserve in Spain. It has gone from protecting 10.000 to 90.000 hectares, both terrestrial and marine.

Just like the other Mediterranean Cabreras (Capri, Caprera or Capraia), the Cabrera archipelago has been uninhabited for long periods of history, and that is why the feeling when being there is that time has stopped even though it is only 10 miles away from the Colònia de Sant Jordi, on the south of Mallorca.

view cabrera national park
entering the blue cave of cabrera's national park

The beaches in Cabrera have crystal clear waters and white sand and you can enjoy them around the whole archipelago: on the islands of Cabrera and Conejera and on the 15 islets (na Foradada, illot de na Foradada, illot Pla, na Pobra, na Plana, l’Esponja, na Redona, illa des Fonoll, illade ses Bledes, l’Imperial, estel de s’Esclata Sang, estel de Fora, estel des Coll, estel Xapat, illa de ses Rates).

Despite its small size, the reserve of Cabrera offers plenty of activities for everyone that can be enjoyed with our excursions. For example, in our Cabrera Classic tour boat trip excursion you can spend a whole day in Cabrera and visit one of the most emblematic places: The Blue Cave in Cabrera where, most of all in the afternoon when the rays of sun illuminate it, there are spectacular light and colour effects.

If, in addition to the coast, the island’s historical, cultural and natural landmarks are of your interest, you can visit the castle of Cabrera, the museum, the archaeological sites, the monument to the French, the Ensiola lighthouse, the Botanic Garden or the Sa Platgeta and s’Espalmador beaches with our Premium Tour excursion.

More than 400 botanical species, 200 fish species, the famous sargantanas, the sunset, the natural port, the canteen or the Cabrera Archipelago National Park is a paradise that remains almost intact from the times of Ulises (and less than an hour away by boat from the Colònia de Sant Jordi in Mallorca).

cabrera national park view of the castle