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About Us: Excursions a Cabrera

Nowadays, a day trip travelling to Cabrera by boat and visiting the island is easy. But when Excursions a Cabrera started, it wasn’t so. It all began in 1956 when Miquel Serra Clar, a mechanic and sea lover, inherited together with his wife, Miquela Ferrer Salom, a small llaüt named “Largo Tiempo” (long time), built in Santanyí in 1939. This is how the founders of Excursions a Cabrera started their relationship with the island of Cabrera during the springs and summers of those years.

In the 70s, the Ministry of Defence managed the archipelago. Transmediterránea, from the port of Palma, and Jeroni Barceló with his llaüt “Colom”, from the port of the Colònia de Sant Jordi, had the concession of military transport by sea.

beginnings of Excursions a Cabrera

More than 50 years of local maritime tradition and love for our natural environment

first crew

Until one day, while in the Port of Cabrera, Jeroni Barceló proposed to Miquel Serra the cession of the line. Jeroni passed away on November 17th 1976 and Miquel bought the llaüt “Colom” from his heirs, signing the first military transport contract with the Ministry of Defence in February 1977.

The llaüt “Colom” used to transport small materials and food and fuel supplies once a week, and Transmediterránea would take care of bigger goods.

Excursions with small groups of up to 20 family members started in the summer to visit Cabrera and swim in the “Cova Blava”.

Trasmediterránea stopped military transport from the Port of Palma in December 1983, so Miquel Serra and his family decided to purchase a bigger boat in spring 1984. For this, they reached an agreement with the owners of the “Debarivi” which took trips to Cabrera during the summer months.

Our excursions to Cabrera from the Colònia de Sant Jordi started with the purchase of “Debarivi”, and when the demand increased, we had to increase the fleet of our boats to Cabrera. The love of the Serra Ferrer family,

founders of Excursions a Cabrera, has always sustained a small groups and boats philosophy to respect the environment of their (and our) beloved Cabrera archipelago.

And this is how a family that one day inherited a small llaüt have been sharing for decades their love for Cabrera with residents and visitors alike. Fancy visiting Cabrera?