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Premium Tour

Venture the nature and disconnect


6h aprox.


35-47 pax.


09:00h, 12:15h






What you will discover: Cabrera unites nature and culture

Throughout the sea tour you can enjoy the landscape of the Cabrera Archipelago that is formed by 19 islands, and you can admire their cliffs, little bays and the unique and untouched wildlife. The different seabird species that breed in the Park and among them the endangered Balearic Shearwater, would welcome us in this unique settlement. On our trip we will not be short of “flying fish” and if we are lucky, Bottlenose Dolphins will show up, too. 

Once you are on Cabrera Island, you can visit the following historic, cultural and natural places:

Castle: a cultural heritage watchtower that has been witnessing Cabrera Island’s history since the 15th century. 

Museum of Cabrera “Es Celler”: it was built in the 19th century by the Feliu family, who  used to be the owner of the island. It conserves the structure of the Feliu family’s cellar and shows the history of the island.

Archeological places from the Roman, Byzantine and French times.

The French Monument: built in memory of the French prisoners who died in their captivity during the War of Independence.

Ensiola Lighthouse: an easy and nice walk to the last lighthouse of the Balearic Islands.

Botanic Garden: a copy of Soller’s Botanic Garden where you can get to know and admire the endemic flora of the Cabrera Archipelago.

Sa Platgeta and S’Espalmador: beaches with crystal-clear water where you can swim and enjoy the waterworld.

Detailed Itinerary

Leave from Colonia de Sant Jordi and arrive to Cabrera Archipelago in about 35 minutes. Then we continue the sea-route all around the whole Cabrera Archipelago enjoying the landscape of the 19 islands that form it.

Arrive and disembark on Cabrera Island about 1 hour and 45 minutes after our departure from Colonia de Sant Jordi. 

The National Park’s guides welcome the passengers and give all the necessary information about the island so that you can enjoy your stay there.

Leaving from the Port of Cabrera at the established time bound for Sa Cova (the Blue Cave) where we enter- if the weather and sea conditions let us- and you can have a lovely refreshing swim inside it. 

After leaving the cave we arrive to Colonia de Sant Jordi in about 40 minutes.


  • Respect the nature and the values that made it possible to have this protected and valuable area.
  • Help us reserve Cabrera: Don’t leave back any mark of your visit in the National Park.
  • Always stay on the indicated area.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 
  • In summertime, don’t forget your hat, your sunglasses and sun protection. 
  • In wintertime, don’t forget to take warm clothes with you, and preferably wear layers.
  • Don’t forget your camera and your goggles.
  • Take water and food with you as on the island as there are no fountains or restaurants.  You would only find a small fisherman’s bar in the port where they only serve small snacks and drinks.