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Cabrera in the school and the school in Cabrera


At Excursions a Cabrera we have been organising visits to Cabrera for educational centres for more than 50 years. Our goal is promoting the National Park of Cabrera to the younger generations, encouraging them to commit to the preservation of nature and caring for the environment. We firmly believe that the best way to motivate them is being directly involved with their conservation.

Environmental education in a protected natural reserve is more than an opportunity to develop their knowledge; it is also a chance to address current environmental issues. This is why during our visits to Cabrera for schools and educational centres, we have created the Biel, the tireless traveller of the seas educational project.

Biel, the tireless traveller of the seas

The educational project

From Excursions a Cabrera we would like schoolchildren to learn through Biel, a sea bird known on our islands as virot gros, the values and natural processes that island ecosystems present, their environmental and conservation problems and, at the same time, managing a greater awareness about the loss of biodiversity in those ecosystems.

Biel, the shearwater, is one of the most emblematic yet unknown species of the Cabrera National Park. During the visits to Cabrera for schools and educational centres, Biel’s lessons will enable to unify concepts and conservation values both in the marine environment and in the fragile coastline ecosystems.

In line with our goal of contributing to increasing the knowledge of our students on the National Park of Cabrera, during this school year, we put at the disposal of the educational centres the following activities:

1 Cabrera at the school Activity in the school centre (complimentary activity)
excursions a cabrera visiting a school
school visit from excursions a cabrera
learning about cabrera island
school learning about the island of cabrera

Excursions a Cabrera has an environmental teacher with a long career path in the world of ecosystem conservation in the Balearic Islands and of emblematic species and species in risk of extinction such as the Balearic shearwater. Students will visit the educational centre together with him/ her and Biel and will get closer through an exhibition of one of the tremendous environmental jewels that the islands have: the archipelago of Cabrera.

Who is it for?

Primary school and secondary education students

Would you like Biel to visit your school?

Get in touch with us on the following telephone number +34 971 64 90 34 or send us an e-mail to

2 The school in Cabrera Visit the National Park of Cabrera
school visiting cabrera island
school visitors to cabrera island
school children onboard excursion a cabrera boat
group visiting the island of cabrera

Come to discover the National Park of Cabrera with us:

During the school year at Excursions a Cabrera we put at the disposal of the schools our range of visits to the National Park of Cabrera. Our fleet, comprising three boats of 80 37 and 35 enables to organise the visit of several classes at the same time, as well as a greater availability and time flexibility. 

Of all of our excursions, the CLASSIC is the one chosen by most schools to enjoy a day at the National Park. This excursion enables to calmly develop any educational, environmental and leisure activity on the island. As dictated by tradition, at the end of the visit we will take a dip at the Blue Cave. Many schools and educational centres visit us every year. Would you like to join us?

Your excursion to Cabrera starts here!


Return boat trip from Colònia de Sant Jordi to the island of Cabrera:

  • Primary

    22,00€ / Pupil

  • Secondary

    24,00€ / Pupil

  • High School

    26,00€ / Pupil

We offer a free place for teachers or companions per every 25 pupils.


We put at the disposal of the educational centre the companionship of our environmental educator during the visit to the National Park. The fee per pupil is € 2.

How to book

If you would like to come to Cabrera with us, you may phone us on 971 64 90 34 or send us an email to

Changes and cancellations

Any changes to the date, number of pupils or cancellations must be notified well in advance. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours in advance will not be reimbursed.

Recommended equipment and clothing

  1. Backpack
  2. Suitable shoes(sneakers or similar)
  3. Comfortable clothing(warm clothing if the visit does not take place during summer)
  4. Mid-morning snack and lunch as well as enough water for the whole excursion.
  5. Rubbish bag to bring waste back since there are no bins in Cabrera
  6. Hat
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Diving glasses