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From 1996, the old de Can Feliu cellar is home to the Museum of Cabrera. It is located close to the houses of the Feliu family, who owned the island until 1916 when the state expropriated it.

Visiting the Museum of Cabrera is learning about the archaeology, the ethnology and the ecology of the island. The combination of the three elements configures Cabrera’s landscape as well as the museum’s proposal.

It is the only museum in Cabrera, located 3 km from the port and close to it we will find the Botanical Garden with a selection of plants that inhabit the island, some of which are endogamic from Cabrera and others from the Balearic Islands.

cabrera island museum
directions to cabrera island's museum

The Museum of Cabrera is divided into three floors. On the main one, we can find the archaeological collections that complete the visit to the Pla de ses Figueretes and the Clot des Guix sites. We can also find archaeological materials from subaquatic findings from ships that sank in Cabrera back in Roman times. Some of the most important pieces from the collection are the Punic and Roman amphoras and other ceramic pieces.

The ethnography room focuses on the island’s fishing tradition. Last, the lower floor is dedicated to the natural space of Cabrera with a recreation of a subaquatic excavation.

Also, from the upper floor of the museum you will have the chance to enjoy the breath-taking views of the port.

Remember to visit our excursion section to choose your excursion to Cabrera. Discover not only the museum of Cabrera but also everything this great island has to offer, which is a lot!

Have a great and (cultural) trip!

view from the island of cabrera