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Despite its size, Cabrera has a tremendous historical, cultural and natural value.

The castle, the Museum of Cabrera, the archaeological sites, the monument to the French, the Ensiola lighthouse, the Botanic Garden, its spectacular cliffs or the Blue Cave are some of its more important places of interest.

But if you have made it here, you probably really want to visit its coves and its crystal-clear water beaches. If you decide to go on an excursion to Cabrera, do not forget your swimming costume! To follow, we tell you all about the beaches in Cabrera, what its fauna and flora are like, and an itinerary to visit the more significant ones.

quiet beach in cabrera island
beach in the island of cabrera

So, what are the beaches in Cabrera like? The beaches in Cabrera are sandy, stony and gravelly. Sand comes from the calcareous shell of organisms that live in the Posidonia prairies. Sa Platgeta and s’Espalmador are the most famous beaches in Cabrera due to their size, but we also recommend to visit the Cas Pagès one, which is home to a traditional house that was once a farm and that has a small beach.


It takes about an hour to get to S’Espalmador beach walking from the dock to the Sa Platgeta beach. From Sa Platgeta to s’Espalmador, the itinerary borders the bay between the sea and plants of mastic, olive trees and sea tomatoes. If you decide to visit the beaches in Cabrera, in addition to swimming in its crystal-clear water beaches remember to discover its fauna such as cormorants or the fauna in touch with the sea and the rocks such as limpets, sea snails and sea tomatoes.


Snorkelling in Cabrera is a unique experience that more and more visitors want to live when visiting the archipelago. In the Posidonia prairies, you can find a significant number of species of sea fauna such as groupers and octopuses. In some areas, you can also spot dolphins, moray eels, sperm whales and loggerhead turtles.

Having such clear waters and abundant marine fauna make of Cabrera the perfect place to practice snorkelling.

Choose the tour to Cabrera that best suits your interests.

Happy excursion (and dip)!

swimming in cabrera's blue cave