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History of the Castle of Cabrera

14-09-2016 | Cabrera

As if it were the watchman of the island, the Castle of Cabrera is located on the natural port of Cabrera and it is visible from the moment you approach the island by boat.

According to historical data, it is believed that this castle was created in the second half of the 14th century. The oldest references date back from 1410, when the lighthouse keepers claimed their salaries from the Viceroy of Mallorca.

It was in 1425 when an agreement was signed with the University of the City and Kingdom of Mallorca in order to defend Cabrera and the castle. In the year 1510, the tower was destroyed and the lighthouse keepers and fishermen were held captive by two Berber galleys. After a long history, in 1716 the castle was finally bestowed to the king of Spain. It was now under his authority and was also militarized by soldiers.

Located 72 meters above sea level, the Castle of Cabrera is without a doubt one of the most interesting sites of the island, and you can reach it during your excursion on the island to contemplate one of the very best views and snap the most impressive shot of the panorama.