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History of Cabrera

28-09-2016 | Cabrera

The Archipelago of Cabrera has a rich history that will leave its mark on historians.

As far back as the 14th century, Cabrera Castle was built, which protected the island from attacks suffered at the hands of Berber pirates. Yet the pirates weren’t the only ones to visit the island, and if there’s a part of its history remembered by everyone, it’s the part related to the French.

In 1809, after the battle of Bailén and the defeat of Napoleon’s armies in the War of Independence, the prisoners were sent to Cabrera. No less than between 6 and 9 thousand lived on the island, of which only 3,600 made the return trip to France.

Years later, in 1890, Cabrera became property of the Feliu family who attempted to growing grapes for wine on the island.

For national defence reasons, Cabrera was expropriated in 1916. Thanks to the soldiers, the natural environment on the island was protected avoiding construction on it. In 1991 it was declared a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park.

The castle, the lighthouse, its beaches... They all form a part of the history of Cabrera, make your trip to Cabrera with us and discover more about the archipelago.