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Lilford’s wall lizard, a charming protagonist

04-05-2016 | Cabrera

Those of you who have visited the National Park of Cabrera surely remember Lilford’s wall lizard, a species always willing to pay tourists a visit.

Lilford’s wall lizard (Podarcis lilfordi), despite originally inhabiting the islands of Mallorca, Menorca and adjacent islets, has slowly, and due to the new species that have been introduced over time, started to disappear from the larger islands, remaining only on the small islets, such as the ones that form the archipelago of Cabrera.

Currently various subspecies of Lilford’s wall lizard can be found on the archipelago of Cabrera, on 8 islets of Mallorca and 14 islets of Menorca.

Whichever corner you visit during your trip to Cabrera, you will surely come across a Lilford’s wall lizard willing to captivate you. It’s highly important you don’t disturb them and let them continue along their way.

You are all invited to discover Cabrera with our Tour Classic and get to know this species that will be waiting to meet you!