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Cabrera, a postnuptial migration stopover

19-10-2016 | Cabrera

Cabrera is a whole lot more than a place for just recreation and spending the day; the Cabrera archipelago stands out due to its wildlife and the wealth of species that live there.

Something that should be pointed out about this area is the large amount and incredible variety of birds the both live on the island, as well those that make a stopover on it, the latter increasing during the migration period. During this period, the Cabrera archipelago is visited by thousands of diverse species of winged-beings in the process of migrating.

There are around 150 species that make Cabrera a key stopover along their postnuptial migration route, resting and gathering strength there in order to continue on with their journey. This occurs so much, that only a relatively short time ago, the Balearic Ornithological Group (GOB) carried out a tagging campaign during the migratory period for the birds in order to undertake a study on them.

It’s during this postnuptial migration, occurring between September and October, when the young birds which have been born during the season join older adult birds to continue on their way.


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