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The importance of Neptune Grass

07-09-2016 | Cabrera

Although many believe it to be a seaweed, Neptune Grass is a marine phanerogam that, unlike algae, has roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits, and it flowers in autumn, creating a fruit known as sea olives.

This aquatic plant, with similar characteristics to those of dry land, lives in the Mediterranean Sea and in some areas south of Australia, and it has a very important role in our sea. That is why we must take care of it and preserve it, for its future is unfortunately very uncertain.

Among the many benefits of Neptune Grass, we must point out that it oxygenates the waters and that it is also a source of food for many species of animals. Furthermore, its presence indicates the good quality of the waters and that they are being preserved properly.

Due to the conditions of the environment, Cabrera counts with large fields of Neptune Grass and has even seen on certain occasions rare mass flowerings.

Both if you dare to scuba dive in Cabrera or swim on the island’s beaches, you can contemplate this vegetable species that helps us maintain the waters of the beaches crystal clear. Do you want to discover it?