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Traditional artisanal fishing in Cabrera

26-10-2016 | Cabrera

Fishing has always been one of the most important activities of Cabrera, but if you are planning on visiting the archipelago it’s important to remember that all forms of recreational fishing, as well as underwater fishing, are strictly forbidden.

However, there is an alternative, a kind of fishing that has been passed down for countless generations and that is permitted in Cabrera. We’re talking about traditional artisanal fishing, practiced by professionals.

The main objective of this type of fishing is to offer professional and traditional artisanal fishing within the limits of Cabrera while always respecting the archipelago’s species, ecosystems and landscapes.

The National Park is a space that has to be protected by all of us, which is why the Royal Decree established in 2001 a fishing resource protection regime that makes traditional artisanal fishing compatible with the preservation of the Park’s biodiversity.

By using traditional devices and setting sail in llaüts, which contain a vast history in their frameworks, the fishermen search for fish in waters where they have done so for many generations. In pursuit of groupers, breams or other types of fish, every day the fisherman present one of the most impressive spectacles aboard their treasures.


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