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Boats to take you to Cabrera

31-08-2016 | Excursions

From the moment you get aboard, your trip to Cabrera turns into a special experience. That's why the boat is important when beginning this adventure.

At Excursions a Cabrera we have three boats you take to get to the archipelago and on which you'll enjoy the journey. You still don't know about our boats? We'll present them below.

Imperial Jet

Boat with capacity to accommodate 80 people where you can enjoy a pleasant 60-minute journey up to the moment you arrive in paradise. This boat, at 15.3m long with a beam of 4.32m, is the perfect form of transport for the Classic Tour.

Cabrera Ràpid

This vessel is 10.7m long and has space for 35 people. It's perfect if what you want is a quick trip to Cabrera since the journey only takes 45 minutes.

Castell de Cabrera

Live an unforgettable experience on the Castell de Cabrera, a 10.7m long boat that carries up to 47 passengers where you'll have a special time over the course of the 45-minute trip.

Getting to Cabrera is really easy, you only need to choose amongst the different trips and we'll take you on the best boats.