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Eleonor of Arborea and the falcon

20-09-2017 | Excursions

September and October are busy months in the Eleonora’s falcon colonies of Cabrera. From the sea we can observe the acrobatics of the adults as they hunt small migrant songbirds. 

The Eleonora’s falcon breeding season is synchronised with the fall migration of European songbirds. The chicks hatch in September, and the fledged chicks start learning to fly in October.

The Eleonora’s nest in colonies, on ledges of inaccessible coastal sea cliffs, or on small islands. The colonies are found along the flight route of migrant songbirds. In Mallorca we can find the Eleonora’s nesting along the north coast, the migration entrance route, and on the Archipelago of Cabrera, the south point were the migrants leave the land to cross the sea.

Leonor of Arborea is still remembers in Sardinia for the Carta de Logu, an early constitution that was in force during more than 400 years.

Leonor of Arborea protected the dark falcons breeding on the sea cliffs of Sardinia with laws regulating hunting and their commerce.

The Eleanora’s falcon is named after the queen Leonor of Arborea, Sardinia. The scientific name is Falco eleonorae.

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