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Travelling with kids: what to do

28-12-2016 | Excursions

A trip to Cabrera is the perfect plan if you are looking for a weekend break with your children, but for that you will have to take into account some do’s and don’ts.

In today’s post we share the advice you have to follow when travelling with kids.

Unexpected events

Travelling with kids has its eventualities, so you should always have a first aid kit at hand, as well as a map of the area and a charged cell phone for making emergency calls.

Go at their rhythm

Children are very observant and their steps aren’t as big as those of an adult. That’s why you shouldn’t hurry them, let them have fun and enjoy the walk.

Let them play

The main thing a young boy or girl must do is play, so find a place for them to have fun - be it a recreation area or, for instance, a beach - and they’ll leave with a good memory of that day.


Children do what they learn from adults, therefore you must lead by example and respect the routes and paths of Cabrera so that they will do so too.