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The traditional drink of Mallorca

04-05-2020 | Gastronomy


The Palo de Mallorca is made from dark, dense and viscous medicinal plants. Its composition is based on an infusion of quina bark and gentian roots with burned sugar (caramel) and ethylic alcohol with an alcohol content between 25% and 36%. 
Its name comes from the name palo quina, which is how the bark of the quina genus trees was previously known.

This traditional Mallorcan drink has existed for years, in fact it started as a medicine in the 16th century to fight fever and malaria. As it was a medicine that was difficult to ingest due to its bitter taste, several spoonfuls of sugar were added. In addition, over time, they saw that it was difficult to preserve, so to make it last longer they added alcohol. 

The islanders got used to that mixture until the middle of the 20th century, when they added new ingredients such as grape or fig sugar concentrates to remove bitterness and incorporate it into their appetizer. Since then, it has become a must in the island's aperitifs, and has even been introduced into the kitchen to harmonise many dishes. 

And how do you drink this liqueur? Like everyone else, it can be drunk with just a couple of ice cubes, but there are thousands of ways to combine this traditional Mallorcan drink. Although the most typical is to mix it with soft drinks, as they would say in Mallorca: Palo amb sifó, the Mallorcans, as good hosts for summer tourism, have invented all kinds of cocktails based on Palo. 

We've detailed below several examples of Palo mallorquin cocktails. 

Palo amb sifó

It's the most common way to drink it, and there's no secret to it. The mixture of Palo, siphon and a couple of ice cubes results in this simple and refreshing combination.


The Calimandria is the result of the simple mixture of Palo liquor, bitter drink and ice.



This cocktail requires a more careful elaboration. Palo mallorquin is mixed with orange juice and vanilla ice cream is added.



This proposal consists in Palo de Mallorca, blood orange juice, siphon, and crushed ice.


Mojito de Palo mallorquín

Mojitos have a lot of variations. Apart from the traditional ones made with mint, we can also find them made with strawberry or tropical fruits, and the Mallorcan people changes the rum for Palo de Mallorca, and why not? The way of preparing this Mojito is the same as a traditional one but replacing the liquor.

These are some of the proposals on how to combine this traditional Mallorcan drink, but you know that imagination well used can turn you into a championship cocktail shaker. 
 So you already know the drink that you can't miss when you visit Mallorca. Beach, vermouth and a good cocktail, you already have the three necessary ingredients to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca!