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Perfect picnic for your trip

03-08-2016 | Recomendations

Are you going on an outing and don’t know what picnic to prepare? Below are some tips you should take into account when preparing your picnic.

1.- Sandwiches are an easy but inadvisable solution, for bread can lose its properties. We recommend you opt for elaborate but simple foods. Some examples are pasta salads, omelettes or pies.

2.- Some foods spoil easily, and that is why we suggest you avoid bringing food with egg, mayonnaise, fish or raw meat in order to avoid possible discomforts.

3.- Water, juices, refreshments or other drinks are essential for a day in Cabrera.

4.- You have to bring the right amount, not too much or too little. Take into account the right amounts and remember that if you bring too much food you will have to shoulder it all day.

5.- Don’t forget the necessary utensils for your excursion. Plates, forks and napkins are some essential items depending on the chosen menu.

Remember that you cannot leave any garbage on Cabrera, so bring a bag with you in which to throw your leftovers and take it back in order to properly dispose of it upon your return to Colonia de Sant Jordi.