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Observadores del Mar, the most humane investigation

09-11-2016 | Recomendations

Do you know the Seawatchers? Due to the lack of means for accessing the marine environments and the necessary dedication for carrying out a complete investigation, the “Observadores del Mar” (Observers of the Sea) platform was created.

Observadores del Mar collect the observations and experiences of volunteers regarding the phenomena that occur in the sea in order to carry out a posteriori investigations.

This platform, which is coordinated from the Barcelona Institute of Sciences of the Sea (CSIC), collects data on the distribution and abundance of common marine species and new marine species, be they rare or invasive, and investigates the effects caused on the ecosystem. This data is a great tool for understanding and investigating the consequences and effects that global warming, contamination, changes in the biodiversity and the invasions of new species are generating in the sea.

Both volunteer citizens and scientists are welcome in this platform, the main objective of which is to create new knowledge collaboratively. We applaud this citizen science platform for it is a great opportunity for creating awareness and working all together on something as important as our sea.