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The archaeological site of Cabrera

23-11-2016 | Cabrera

Cabrera counts with a large archaeological site. With a total of about 10 hectares, the archeological area is divided into three main points of interest.

Below we indicate the three main areas you simply cannot miss during your trip to Cabrera.

The French encampment

In this archaeological site, one can appreciate the square or rectangular rooms that date back to the time when French prisoners were sent to Cabrera in 1809 after the battle of Bailén.

Salted fish factory

Different deposits erected on the seashore with stones and mortar are some other sites you can also find in Cabrera.

These basins were probably originally used for elaborating garum or salted fish, and were later also used as cabins by the French.

Byzantine necropolis and purple production workshop

Five open graves with headstones are some of the discoveries that can be found in the Byzantine necropolis. Alongside these one can also appreciate a pit with stone walls forming a basin.

Beyond this site one can also see an area where monks used to have a workshop for elaborating purple and creating decorative items with shells.