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Cabrera Interpretation Center

21-09-2016 | Cabrera

Offering visitors a broad overview of the flora and fauna of the National Park of Cabrera and and highlighting the values of the island’s nature, landscapes, history and culture - these are the two main purposes of the Cabrera Interpretation Center located in the Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Open since July 2008, this cone-shaped center invites tourists and residents to discover the main facts about the isle’s land and sea in a single location. It offers different spaces and installations that remind us of the Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park due to the way it’s constructed.

A virtual journey through Cabrera awaits you inside the Interpretation Center, via which you will discover all the characteristics of the archipelago from one same space.


Discover the marine environment in a room with aquariums where you can contemplate the countless species that can be found on the island, and also learn about the different Mediterranean ecosystems. You can then delve into the garden area, where you will see the most common plant species of Cabrera; the educational room, which contains different models that illustrate the evolution of certain animals such as Lilford’s wall lizard; or the Auditorium that is prepared to host conferences or screenings.

Visit the Cabrera Interpretation Center and become an expert on the vast life of the archipelago.



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