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Dolphin watching in Cabrera

06-07-2016 | Cabrera

The trip to Cabrera becomes a real adventure from the minute you get in the boat.

The highlights of this excursion start with the journey. From the moment the boat starts moving it’s a special experience, where the visit to the archipelago isn’t the only feature; the journey itself is one as well.

If something is able to turn the day into an unforgettable experience, it’s definitely the dolphins.

Imagine moving along and suddenly a herd of dolphins starts guide you away from the port, jumping along the surface of the water? This is possible on your journey to Cabrera and this area of the Mediterranean is home to not only small fish, yet is also home to large animals like bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleo-alba).

The boat will slow down, so have your cameras ready since seeing these mammals is going to be an experience you’ll want to capture forever. It’s important not to scare them and for you all to be able to enjoy the moment and so everyone is able to see them and take photos of them.