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Flora de Cabrera

The flora of Cabrera

23-04-2016 | Excursions

If we have to point out one thing about the archipelago of Cabrera, it would have to be its breathtaking landscapes. The islands that form the archipelago present a typically Mediterranean vegetation and are mainly covered in garrigue.

Among the broad range of endemic flora in Cabrera, the “rubia” (Rubia angustifolia ssp. Cespitosa) or the dead horse arum lily (Dracunculus muscivorum) are especially noteworthy. The Balearic buckthorn (Rhamnus ludivici-salvatoris), one of the most characteristic species of the Balearic Islands, is another plant we will come across on the archipelago’s coast.

We can find more than 500 species of vascular or tracheophyte plants here. Furthermore, thanks to the archipelago’s Mediterranean climate we can appreciate a large community of macchia with pine forests. Other local treasures can be found near the wild olive trees, the olivillo or wood spurge with species that are typical of holm-oak woods or the Balearic boxwood, this last one in elevated areas. posidonia We mustn’t forget that about 85% of the surface of the Cabrera National Park is sea, and under it lies a wide variety of vegetable life. You can see more than 160 among which are many types of seaweed. But we cannot forget to mention the impressive underwater fields of Neptune Grass, a plant with roots and flowers that is considered one of the main sources of life of the Mediterranean.