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School trips to Cabrera

13-10-2016 | Excursions

Cabrera is an island where you can have fun, but also learn and enrich your knowledge with its culture and the wide range of animal and plant species that inhabit it.

This advantage can turn the island into any child’s favorite trip destination, and that is why during the school period at Excursions to Cabrera, along with the school centers, we organize trips for children to enjoy a great day out.

Throughout the day, students will experience what it feels like to travel on a ship, learn about the characteristics of the island, discover our mascot Biel the Shearwater and they will also be able to see the many plants and animals that inhabit the island, such as Lilford’s wall lizard.

This excursion, which begins at the port of Colonia de Sant Jordi at 10h and returns from Cabrera at 15h, it a Classic Tour and it also includes a visit to the Blue Cave.

For all those schools that want to make a trip to the Archipelago of Cabrera, Excursions to Cabrera offers the option of hiring the services of an environmental educator who will spend the day with the students and teach them all the secrets of the island. And you, do you want to live an unforgettable day?