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Travelling with kids: what NOT to do

04-01-2017 | Excursions

A family trip is one of the best activities we can plan, for all activities are more gratifying when they’re done in family.

In our previous post we gave you some tips on things to take into account while travelling with kids. Today we’ll talk about things you shouldn’t do.

Lose patience

Kids take their time when performing activities; their rhythm is different from that of adults and they don’t get tired as easily. It’s important to not lose patience in front of them; let them take the time they need to enjoy and learn from their surroundings.


It’s not advisable to rush or to see things too quickly in order to rest longer afterwards. You should take as long as necessary to perform the activities and let the children do things at their own pace, even if you don’t make it to the end of the route.

Burst their bubble

Kids have a unique imagination and they believe the most extraordinary fantasy stories; we shouldn’t burst their bubbles. A good tip is to make them the protagonists of this adventure and live it as a family experience in which magic plays an important role.